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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Cyclist survives crime spree shooting!!!

Early Halloween morning, a young man was riding his bicycle on Chapel Hill Rd. near Anderson St. when he was shot from a passing vehicle. Durham police are trying to determine whether he was a victim of a group of teens who carjacked an SUV from a Cary woman and went on a violent armed robbery spree which led to a high speed chase which finally ended in a crash, and 'jump & run' near Apex. This victim managed to call 911 on his cell phone to say he'd been shot, and he couldn't breathe. Fortunately Durham 1st responders were able to keep him alive for the trip to Duke Hospital, where a trauma team did the rest.