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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Durham snowstorm proves exciting for some residents !!!

The occupants of this car, which plunged off Dearborn Dr. into a creek, were very lucky to escape an icy grave early Thursday morning.

Two Durham police officers provided some community service by helping kids build a snowman on Southwood St.    

On Dixon Rd. near MLK a woman helps a Durham police officer push a collleague out of a tricky spot after his right rear chain came off.

A City crew make short work of a huge tree that fell across University Dr. at Summit St.

A good Samaritan helps an errant motorist on Chapel Hill Rd after he ran off the road and up an embankment on church property.

Rolling House Fire tests Durham firefighters !!

When Durham firefighters first arrived on the scene at East Main and South Maple they found one house fully involved with fire spreading to a house next door, and another being threatened on the other side.  They saved the house on the left with minor damage to the structure and saved the house on the right after evacuating the residents.

Firefighters helped evacuate residents from the occupied house to the right of the structure that was destroyed by the early morning blaze.

Durham firefighters work to extinguish the fire that had spread to the house next door which was also unoccupied.

Firefighters battle fire and ice at Pershing St. blaze !!!

Firefighters arrived on the scene on Pershing St.  to find the house fully involved with heavy smoke and flames in the rear.

Firefighters work to get the blaze under control after knocking down the flames.

A firefighter spreads sand to combat the ice on Pershing.

Durham drivers slide around the Bull City !!!

A police officer and the homeowner look at the damage caused by a driver who underestimated the danger of ice on East Woodcroft Parkway on Wednesday afternoon. The two occupants of the car were transported to hospital with none life threatening injuries after the driver lost control, slid across the road, knocked down a tree and ended up perched atop a fence.

Big Rig driver survives spectacular ice wreck !!!

The driver of this big rig somehow avoided serious injury after losing control on 1-40 and plunging down an embankment.

As much as 100 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from a ruptured saddlebag tank.

Craig Hicks denied bond in 1st court appearance!

What kind of background check did Craig Hicks have to undergo before authorities approved him for a concealed carry permit?

Durham police hunt for suspects who shot at officer !!

A police officer joins the hunt for two suspects who fired several shots at a an officer in an unmarked patrol car on South St

Sunday night blaze causes evacuation !!!

A Durham firefighter approaches the burning second floor apartment on Morehead Avenue on Sunday night. The fire caused the evacuation of the building but no one was injured and firefighters had the blaze under control in twenty minutes.

A man comforts his family after they escaped the fire on Morehead Avenue.

Morning blaze leaves woman homeless, poodle dead.

A Durham firefighter soaks down hotspots at a Marne Ave. apartment after a fire heavily damaged the residence. Occupants managed to escape the blaze late Friday morning but a poodle died in the inferno which firefighters had under control in fifteen minutes. Fire investigators are working to determine the cause.

Friends comfort a young woman whose poodle perished in the Friday morning fire

Major apartment fire leaves families homeless !!!

The fire began on the second floor in the rear of the apartment building and spread into the attic. Fortunately no one was injured in the late morning blaze and those victims displaced were assisted by the Red Cross with temporary housing.

Two victims left homeless by the blaze comfort one another on Palmer St.

       Durham firefighters work to contain the blaze late Thursday morning on Palmer St. where several families with kids were displaced.

Man struck, seriously injured on pedestrian crossing

First responders tend Roddy Flowers, 37, after he was struck and seriously injured by a car at the Tobacco Trail pedestrian crossing on Riddle Rd Monday afternoon. Flowers was transported to Duke Medical Center and Durham police are investigating the accident.

Barricaded suspect threatens police, finally gives up !

Uniformed officers, left, watch as SET Team members move in on a man who barricaded himself inside a warehouse at 607, Ellis Rd on Friday morning. The troubled suspect threatened to kill himself or any police officers coming to the scene. In the office he was locked inside he apparently had access to acetone and other flammables and police were concerned that he might torch the building so the area was evacuated. About 1 pm the suspect finally gave up after a negotiator talked him out.

Police swarm house near where body was found !!!

Durham police investigators and forensic technicians search the backyard of a house at 412, E Club Blvd. a day after the discovery of a headless body in a nearby marsh.

Volunteers cleaning up the Ellerbee Creek beaver marsh behind Compare Foods discovered a headless body wrapped in a blanket.

Mom shot to death by daughter !!!

Durham County Sheriffs deputies arrested Rebekah Maxwell at the families tire business on Geer St. after she allegedly shot her mother to death inside the store on Monday afternoon.  Maxwells mother,  Betty Turner, 62, was apparently working at the store when the incident happened. In 2012 an armed robber shot and killed two people at the same business.

Sunday morning blaze in eastern Durham County !

Firefighters were on the scene on Patterson Rd. at  NC 98 to tackle an early morning blaze that left at least three people homeless, one of whom may have been injured and transported to a local hospital. Upon arrival firefighters were confronted with heavy smoke and flames and the needs of the residents and several pets. Authorities had to cordon off the immediate area for emergency equipment and firefighters worked the stubborn blaze for hours The Red Cross helped the victims.

Man shot in car loses control, hits wall !!!

As emergency personnel work to extricate the victim from his car,  right,  police work the scene on Enterprise street, after the driver was shot multiple times outside a convenience store, he hit the gas, tore off down the street and crashed into a driveway retaining wall. The victim was rushed to Duke Medical Center in critical condition. Note the four large caliber bullet holes in the drivers side door. The victim in this shooting was the father of a nine year old boy shot to death last year. This neighborhood has been a notorious area for shootings, homicides,  and gang warfare between 'Crips & 'Bloods'

Chain reaction wrecks kill driver, injure trooper, and bus passengers !!

Rescue personnel assist a passenger off the bus after the accident which was part of a chain reaction of incidents that left a woman dead and a trooper injured. The accident happened on 1-85 at the Orange/Alamance county line about 10.30 am on Wednesday morning. Several passengers, including children, were injured on the bus and transported to a nearby hospital. Weather at the time of the accidents was bad, with rain and wind,  and heavy traffic for drivers to contend with.

The trooper was injured when the bus ran into his SUV

The front of the bus was heavily damaged after it ran into the rear of the troopers SUV and destroyed it.

Man shot dead in car !!!

A Durham police officer talks on the phone beside a bullet-riddled car containing Durhams latest murder victim. The driver was apparently driving on Carver St. near Meriwether Dr. when he was shot. The mortally wounded driver then drove about another half mile before crashing between Roxboro Rd. and Crabtree St. Police and rescuers arrived to find him dead.

Durhams 'Ferguson' protesters criss cross downtown !!!

Demonstrators protesting the inability of a Ferguson Mo. grand jury to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of teen Michael Brown closed down the Durham Freeway Tuesday night. About a hundred people blocked the busy highway completely for about a half hour while they walked slowly from Mangum St. to Duke St. Other stops on their  itinerary included the Durham County Jail and Durham Police Headquarters where they hurled abuse at officials.

Man shot at NCCU homecoming party !

Durham police and NCCU police gather information from witnesses at the scene of the shooting, a homecoming party, at 2210 Fayetteville St.  NCCU locked down it's campus just after midnight after a man was shot at the party, and was rushed to Duke with serious injuries. Police spent hours looking for the gunman, on and off campus.

Two dead, one injured in 1-85 wreck !!!

Two people were killed and one injured in an accident on 1-85 southbound Sunday night at the Durham/Orange County line

Teen shot to death in latest 'Craigslist' robbery/murder !!!

When rescuers arrived on Pebblestone they found Jawad Ali Razai dying from gunshot wounds. According to police he came to Durham to buy a phone advertized on Craigslist but was robbed and shot to death instead. His father came with him and watched the incident unfold. Jarrion Hood, who apparently suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the leg during the incident was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

The father of Jawad Ali Razai watches as rescuers try to save his dying son.

First responders perform CPR on Jawad Ali Razai on Pebblestone Drive on Tuesday night. 

Bahama plane crash kills 1, injures another !!!

Firefighters and first responders formed a line and marched across a small section of woods and found the wreckage almost immediately. They rendered first aid to one of the injured but apparently found another victim dead in the wreckage. The actual scene was located close to a Boy Scout camp and about fifty yards from Archery Range Rd near Lake Michie.

Pedestrian struck by two cars.......

Durham firefighters work to extract a man from beneath a car on Old Oxford Hwy. after he was struck by two cars traveling in opposite directions on Tuesday night. The victim suffered massive injuries and was declared dead at the scene. Two women, occupants of the cars that struck the victim appeared visibly shaken after the accident which occurred on a stretch of the road which seems poorly lit. Durham police are investigating the accident.

Police officers erect a 'Scene Screen' around the victims body on Old Oxford.

Driver killed on US 70 in Sunday morning accident !

The driver of this car was killed after he apparently drifted right off US 70, took out a few mailboxes, and flipped several times before coming to rest beside the highway. The Highway Patrol is investigating the accident that happened about 7am Sunday morning and partially closed eastbound US 70 for a couple of hours.

School bus accident leaves kids injured !!!

At least three special needs kids and the driver of a pick-up truck were injured when the two vehicles collided on N Roxboro Rd. at Ellerbee St. on Friday morning. Rush hour traffic was snarled for an hour before the scene was cleared.

Firefighters battle house fire !

Durham firefighters work a blaze on Chapel Hill Rd. on Wednesday night. They were dispatched to the fire during a heavy thunderstorm with numerous lightning strikes. It's not clear whether that is what caused the fire. Firefighters had the situation under control within fifteen minutes.

Driver killed in 1-85 big rig wreck !!!

Durham firefighters work the scene on 1-85 after a big rig traveling northbound struck the NC 147 bridge abutment on Tuesday night. The driver was killed in the accident which slowed traffic for several hours before the interstate was reopened

Shooting, wreck, leaves one dead, one injured !

A Durham police investigator examines the scene on Horton Rd. after a shooting and subsequent accident left  the occupant of the SUV dead and the driver of the sedan injured. Police said that there may have been an exchange of gunfire at the intersection of Duke St. and Horton Rd. which then resulted in a collision bringing down a power pole and power lines. The incident occurred about 3am Saturday morning and caused traffic to be diverted for several hours while repairs were made and the homicide investigation was completed.

A Durham police crime scene investigator photographs the scene on Horton Rd.

Durham cops arrest kidnap suspect, free kids !!!

A Durham SET Team officer carries a child to safety during the arrest of a kidnapping suspect on Alston Ave. early Saturday