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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Motorcyclist injured in high speed accident !!!

A Durham police officer works the scene of a motorcycle accident on N. Duke St. at Horton Rd. early Sunday morning.

Shoppers duck and run as shots fired at Northgate Mall !!!

Durham police and crime scene investigators swarm the Macy's parking lot at Northgate Mall which became a crime scene after a barrage of shots were fired during an altercation that sent shoppers ducking and scrambling for cover. No one was injured, but at least one SUV had its rear window blown out. Five suspects were detained, and at least three were charged.

Elderly man drives into the 'Bunny' Discount Bakery !

A police officer stands by as a wrecker driver removes a car from the wreckage of a discount bakery on E. Club Blvd. An 86 year old man accidentally drove his Buick into the side of the 'Bunny' Bakery while trying to park outside the building.

Man injured in fiery crash on East End Ave. !!!

The driver lost control of the vehicle on East End Ave. before it struck a tree, split in half and burst into flames. A man, perhaps the driver appears to have been ejected from the car into the woods where first responders found him after a search of the area, about twenty five yards away. He appeared to have been seriously injured but still alive.

Horrific head-on collision caused by wrong-way driver !!!!!

Durham firefighters begin triage after arriving on the scene of a grinding head-on collision caused by a wrong way driver on NC 147 at the US 15-501 interchange. Several people were ejected from the vehicles after the car in the background, traveling south in the northbound lanes struck the Jeep on the right. One person was killed, and three others were injured, two critically. Police are trying to determine how the driver of the car could have ended up driving onto the Durham freeway in the wrong direction.

In the  aftermath of a horrific wrong way head-on collision on NC 147 north,  Durham firefighters pause to take in the scene.

Durham firefighters rescue man trapped beneath big rig !!!

Minutes after firefighters arrived on the scene they realized that this was going to be a complicated rescue. The driver, Steven Hall, 24, who was alert and conscious during the ordeal, was eventually extricated through the rear window after firefighters were able to lift the rear of the trailer just enough to effect the difficult procedure.

Storm topples trees, power lines.............

This driver had a close call on Massey Chapel Rd. near Fayetteville Rd when a large pine tree fell in front of her car bringing down a power pole and lines about 7 pm Wednesday night. The woman was not injured but a person was killed by a falling tree on Roper Ln. in Chapel Hill in the backyard of a residence.

Hit & Run driver strikes pedestrians.......

The driver of this car who struck several people standing beside Fordham Blvd. in Chapel Hill fled the scene before police arrived. At least two victims were transported to local hospitals after being hit by the suspect. They were standing beside another car after an accident in the median when the suspect apparently lost control of his car and ploughed into the original accident scene striking as many as five people. None of the injuries are thought to be life-threatening. 

Icy conditions result in several rollovers Saturday morning.......

Durham firefighters rescued this driver after an accident on icy Ellis Rd. Saturday morning.

Freezing rain storm creates havoc in northern Durham County !!!

A relatively light coating of freezing rain over a period of about eight hours added enough weight to this hundred year old patriarch on Cole Mill Rd. to bring it crashing down onto the road.  Dozens of other large trees throughout the northern part of the county suffered a similar fate, often bringing down electrical lines leading to numerous power outages.

Durham County had not seen such a brutal freezing rain for at least ten years.

Local residents work to clear ice laden pine trees from Moores Mill Rd. in northern Durham County.

Icy conditions, bad drivers = many wrecks !!!

A Durham police officer examines a rollover wreck on icy Horton Rd. that left the driver injured. There were a large number of accidents directly attributable to icy conditions after a fast moving storm swept through the Triangle Monday afternoon.

Police officers stop to check on a driver who lost control & flipped on icy NC 55

House fire on Angier Ave. leaves family homeless....

Durham firefighters were called to this fire at 2611, Angier Ave. on Thursday morning. Six people were assisted by the red cross, and one person, a woman, suffered smoke inhalation and was transported to hospital for treatment. The fire, which began on the second floor caused heavy damage, and took thirty five firefighters about a half hour to extinguish. 

Woman shot dead on Holloway Street !!!

Durham police and forensics work the scene outside the Antioch Baptist Church where a woman was shot dead Wednesday night.

Teen stabs grandmother to death, slashes 4 year old brothers throat !!!

Treyvon Evans is led out of Police Hqs. after being charged with the brutal murder of his grandmother and the wounding of his 4 year old brother whose throat was slashed. The attack which stunned medics and hardened investigators alike took place at an apartment on Glasson St. early Wednesday morning following an argument. The 4 year old is in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

Chief Lopez briefs the media about the brutal homicide and wounding on Glasson St.

Mortuary service employees remove the body of Carolyn Hemingway.

Friends and neighbors of  murder victim Carolyn Hemingway react with horror as her body is removed from her apartment.

5 month old baby shot during domestic dispute !!!!!!!!

Durham police officers stand on the porch at 402 Macon St. where a 5 month old baby cradled in the arms of it's mom was shot during a domestic dispute early Wednesday morning. The baby suffered a gunshot wound through and through the arm and leg. The babies father apparently rushed the infant to Duke Regional hospital. The baby was transferred to Duke Medical Center later in the morning.  Police stated that the injuries did  not appear to be life threatening.

Icy roads make for a dicey commute......

Fortunately this driver was uninjured after he lost control on MLK and flipped his SUV. There were several black ice accidents after melting and refreezing left many roads treacherous.

Finally the weatherman gets it right...........

A scant half hour after the snowstorm started on Wednesday afternoon, traffic  ground to a halt as it approached Guess Road.  

Cross country skier Aimee Fraulo takes advantage of the conditions and takes a turn around Dukes East campus.

High Drama at Chilis as cops capture murder suspect !!!!!!!

Durham police arrest Kevin Bodden at gunpoint as he left Chilis restaurant near Southpoint Mall.  The suspect allegedly shot his brother to death in Cary Sunday morning. A tip by a friend of the suspect led Durham police to Chilis where Bodden was drinking beer. They staked out the restaurant from a distance and apparently called the manager, and when Bodden came out and headed toward his Chrysler 300 they moved in fast. Witnesses said the takedown was like a scene out of a movie.

Murder suspect Kevin Bodden who allegedly murdered his brother in Cary is captured and cuffed outside Chilis on Fayetteville Rd. near Southpoint Mall.

Durham police took this handgun and full magazine from Kevin Bodden.

Man shot dead on Liberty St. !!!

As firefighters and medics try to save a gunshot victim by performing CPR, a police officer, left, examines the car in which the man was shot. At least eight bullet holes perforated the door on the drivers side, several of which struck the victim as he drove east on Liberty St. Despite the best efforts of rescuers the victim could not be saved.

The sister of the gunshot victim is desperate to reach her dying brother.

Driver critically injured in icy accident on Whitfield Rd. !!!

New Hope firefighters work to extricate a driver from the wreckage after they lost control on icy Whitfield Rd. and crashed sideways into a tree.  The driver was critically injured in the accident which happened early Wednesday afternoon.

Police Sub-Station 5 and police cruisers vandalized during latest Huerta protest !!!

As the latest protest march for Jesus Huerta passed 'Devines' Bar and restaurant on West Main St. there were several protesters dressed in black with masks that partially covered their faces, top right.  Activists may be responsible for the damage inflicted upon several police cars and the windows at Sub-station 5 on Foster St. Two cruisers had several of their windows smashed and another was sprayed with graffiti while several plate glass windows in the station were broken. Shortly after the vandalism the march broke up on Morgan St. at the Carolina Theater. One group of youths with skateboards, who had been part of the march,  ran through the parking deck and were chased, captured, and arrested in a lot between Roney St. and Foster St.

Officers examine a cruiser damaged by protesters as the march passed Station 5

Officers chased, captured, and arrested several young men who ran thru a parking deck as the march broke up on Morgan St.

Man on trestle struck, killed by 'Carolinian'

Police erect a screen around the body of a man who was hit by the Amtrak above Neal Rd.


Orange wreck claims a life.........

One person was killed and another was injured when this delivery truck flipped over on NC 157 in Orange County.

Man shoots mom and boy in latest gun horror......

In the cul de sac of Halyard, a police officer examines the interior of an SUV in which a mom and her young son were shot by a man on nearby Lucas St. Both were transported to Duke in critical condition. Durham police are investigating this latest spasm of horrific violence but have released little information on a motive or the search for the suspect.

Homeless man dead beneath Mangum St. bridge ...........

As police and passing motorists watch, 'Professional Mortuary' staff prepare to remove the body of a homeless man who apparently died from hypothermia early Saturday morning beneath the Mangum St. bridge above the Durham Freeway. Other homeless, who live beneath the Roxboro Rd. bridge, and knew the victim, said that they believe he probably froze to death. The dead man was draped in a threadbare sleeping bag and was laying on the concrete. Temperatures dipped into the mid twenties Saturday morning.

'Professional Mortuary' staff remove the body of a homeless man from NC 147

Icy bridges cause traffic nightmare.....

A thin glazing of ice on secondary roads and Interstate highway bridges led to multiple crashes like this one on 1-40 westbound near Chapel Hill that effectively closed the Interstate for three and a half hours causing a huge traffic back-up.

Double murder stuns Cheek Rd. neighbors !!!

Family members of the two victims shot to death at 2201, Cheek Rd. pray and console one another at the scene of the murder on Monday morning.  Police and EMTs were dispatched to the scene about 7am after gunshots rang out. A police radio bulletin dispatched later, described a vehicle a suspect might have fled in, and mentioned a name of a person of interest.

Durham police enter the house at 2201 Cheek Rd. to begin their investigation.

NCCU on lockdown after gunfire erupts on campus !

After a tense half hour search Durham police officers emerged from the Science Bldg. on Concord St. with the man who they believe was being shot at by two suspects outside the building. After being shot at he had fled into the building,  entered a classroom where students were taking a test,  and pretended that he was taking the test too.  Police were not fooled and he was taken into custody for questioning.

Heavily armed Durham officers approach the Science Bldg. on NCCU Campus

Durham police give the all clear at the Science Bldg. on NCCU Campus after another gun incident caused another lockdown

Teen dead from gunshot wound while in police custody !

Durham police and the SBI are investigating how 17 year old Jesus Huerta died of an apparent gunshot wound in the back of a police cruiser early Tuesday morning.  Police said 'A loud noise in the rear of the cruiser caused the officer to lose control and crash into another vehicle in the parking lot of Police Hqs about 3.30 am.' Chief Lopez stated that no Durham officer discharged a weapon Tuesday morning. Police are continuing their investigation into the death of the Riverside High School student who had just been arrested for an outstanding  trespass warrant when the incident occurred.

It is not clear how a 17 year old ended up dead in the rear seat of a police cruiser

The car fit the description of one Chapel Hill PD were chasing minutes before the crash. They discontinued their chase at US 501 @ 1-40 with the car heading toward Durham on US 501 at about 100 mph. Moments later Chapel Hill dispatch informed Durham about the inbound vehicle and provided a description.  A short time later reports began to come in of a rollover wreck in the vicinity.

Stubborn blaze heavily damages Morris Building..!!!

Firefighters from Durhams Ladder 3 work the stubborn Five Points Fire early Monday morning that damaged several businesses and destroyed a second floor apartment.....residents were evacuated and no one was injured.

Armed suspect on NCCU campus shot dead by police !!!

A Durham police sharpshooter makes a careful search of the Education Bldg. grounds from a walkway at Cecil Street Monday night after  NCCU officers  confronted an armed man on campus and shot him. Campus police challenged the man twice, and both times the suspect shot at them with a shotgun, officers shot back.  Durham SET Team officers searched the woods surrounding the walkway and found the suspect, Tracy Bost,  dead from gunshot wounds.