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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

DPAC is crime scene after shooting on Freeway !!!

Police apparently had a witness who may have seen the shooting happen on the Durham Freeway near Duke St. The victim then drove to Mangum St. and collapsed inside the white Lexus, and ran up onto the pavement right in front of the DPAC. The car was perforated with several bullet holes, and appeared to have been shot at from another vehicle. The victim was placed in an ambulance and rushed to Duke Medical Center.

The gunshot victim appeared to have been shot in the shoulder.

Explosion, fire, injures man on Colfax St. !!!

A Durham firefighter comforts family members of a man who was critically injured in an explosion and fire at his home on Colfax St. Thursday evening. The explosion apparently happened in the bathroom of the home and caused considerable interior structural damage to the house. The male victim suffered burns to his arms, and upper body, and was transported to the UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill.

Latest carnage in Durham takes young mans life !!!

Durham police officers stand by at the scene of Durhams latest homicide at Bay Creek Apts. on Hudson Ave. where a young man was shot in the head in what appears to be a gang related murder.

Drunk driver takes life of NCCU Freshman !!!!!

An 18 year old NCCU Freshman, Myiah Andrews, was killed Sunday night in a head-on crash caused by a drunk driver, 25 year old Natasha Lynn Taylor who crossed the center line on East Geer St. Ms. Andrews was a passenger in a car driven by a friend, 18 year old Quillon Rendleman. The accident happened about 9.30pm. Taylor is charged with Felony Death by Motor Vehicle and Driving While Impaired.

Both vehicles were heavily damaged in what was essentially a head-on collision.

High-speed chase ends in fiery, fatal crash!!!

A high-speed chase ended tragically on US 15-501 Monday afternoon after a vehicle being pursued by Person County deputies went out of control, crossed the median and struck an SUV traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of the suspect vehicle died when it burst into flames upon impact.

Pedestrian Struck by car & killed Friday morning !!!

Authorities responded to a report of a pedestrian struck early Friday morning on MLK at Bay Point Dr. Eyewitnesses stated that the victim, a woman, was attempting to cross MLK when she was struck by a car driven by a driver who was traveling westbound. It was dark and raining heavily about 7am. when the accident happened and the driver said she did not see the pedestrian until it was too late. Firefighters and medics performed CPR on the victim, but she could not be resuscitated and was declared dead at the scene. The driver, in the background in this image, was treated for shock after collapsing at the scene. Police are investigating the accident to determine if charges are warranted.

Double shooting leads to violent 'getaway' wreck !!!

Authorities responded to a report of a shooting just before midnight on Thursday night at the Bentwood Park Apartments on Junction Rd. When the first officer arrived on the scene he found an SUV that had fled the scene, crashing into some trees. One gunshot victim was extricated from the wreckage and rushed to Duke Hospital, another gunshot victim arrived at the same hospital several hours later. Police are investigating the incident to determine what happened.

Durham firefighters save dog from burning house!!!

Durham Fire Cpt. Mike Varnum, right, and firefighter Mike Haithcock administer oxygen to a Lab called 'Lexie' after the pet was saved from a house fire at 508, Windcrest Dr. in Durham.  After giving the dog oxygen with a special 'doggie' mask and massaging it's chest the Lab appeared to be breathing on it's own.

Most of the damage was in the rear of the house where the fire apparently started.

Police investigate drowning at Lake Michie !!

Police and mortuary personnel recover the body of a man from Lake Michie after he apparently drowned while fishing on Sunday morning.

Horrific 'wrong way' wreck kills two on 1-85 !!!!!

Durham firefighters work the scene on 1-85 early Monday morning after a 'wrong way' driver, traveling southbound in the northbound lanes struck an SUV head-on.  Both drivers were killed instantly and several others in the SUV were injured, one critically. Police are trying to determine what caused the female driver of the car to turn the wrong way onto the Interstate and where it happened. An autopsy will be performed to determine whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

The SUV carrying eight people was destroyed. The driver was killed.

Large woods fire a challenge to firefighters !!!

Redwood firefighter K. Keast works to prevent the fire from reaching a wood line. He was one of many firefighters who were called in to help fight a large woods fire that threatened homes and apartments in the area around Page Rd. Extn. and US 70 in southeast Durham on Monday afternoon.

Fire investigators are trying to determine whether the fire started at two abandoned trailers in the woods or whether the fire started elsewhere and then spread to this location. Several fire departments responded to the large woods fire that resulted and spent several hours attempting to contain the blaze.

Fast moving fire kills Durham man !!!

Durham firefighters were able to pull a man from the burning home minutes after they arrived on scene but it was too late to save him. Smoke and flames were shooting through the roof when they arrived about 1.30am Monday morning.

Durham firefighters work the scene of the fatal fire on Calumet Dr.

Emergency personnel rush a shooting victim toward an ambulance in the parking lot of a Coroco station opposite the entrance to Hillside High School. The shooting occurred on Trailea Dr. nearby where he and another man were shot inside their vehicle. They then managed to drive the few blocks to this location where they called 911 for assistance. Both men were critically injured.....police found weapons inside the blood soaked vehicle.

Cops take down armed robbery suspect !!!

It was a tense situation Friday morning when officers challenged an armed robbery suspect "Come out, give yourself up" at an apartment at 1835 Cheek Rd. They must have been mindful of what happened a few days ago when police shot to death a young man after he reached for a gun in a similar situation on Glenbrook Ave. Fortunately this arrest had a successful outcome with no shots fired and no one injured.

Police officers and a K9 unit covered the back of the apartment on Cheek Rd.

Police cuff the armed robbery suspect when he came out of the apartment and surrendered after a short standoff.

Police officer shoots man dead on Glenbrook !!!

Police and EMTs examine the body of a young man who was shot and killed by police on Glenbrook Ave. Wednesday afternoon. Eyewitnesses to the shooting claimed that the officer shot the man as he was chasing him out of a residence at 2519, Glenbrook Ave. and that the victim was unarmed. Police say he pulled a gun on officers who were attempting to serve him with a warrant.

Residents were stunned by the shooting which left a young man dead from a gunshot wound to the head

Durham police officers cordoned off the area and erected a 'Scene Screen' to prevent residents from seeing the body.

Attempted armed robbery leaves clerk dead !!!

Durham police are investigating an apparent robbery and shooting at a Family Fare BP on Guess Rd. early this morning that left the clerk dead and another person wounded.  Emergency personnel rushed the clerk to Duke Medical Center but could not save his life. Another man, possibly the suspect, apparently showed up at Duke Regional Hospital with a gunshot wound.

State Trooper shoots driver dead after armed confrontation

North Carolina State troopers and investigators gather around evidence markers on N. Duke St. at Crutchfield St. where a trooper shot and killed a driver, after a jump and run and an 'armed confrontation' early Sunday morning.

Three motorcycle officers injured in crash!!!

This was the scene on South Lowell Rd. in Durham County after three motorcycle officers lost control and ran off the road into a field. One officer was a deputy, the other two were City of Durham police officers. They had been accompanying a funeral procession earlier, before they began practicing formations on South Lowell Rd. when the accident happened.

A Durham County deputy takes photographs of the scene for the investigation after the three officers were transported from the scene on South Lowell Rd.

One of the City officers was seriously injured when his motorcycle struck the guide wire for a power pole.

The driver of this big rig escaped serious injury after he ran into the back of another big rig near the 1-85 weigh station early Monday morning. The accident happened about 7am in Orange County.

Firefighters work to extricate the driver from his cab after he ran into the back of another big rig approaching the Orange Co. weigh station on 1-85

One dead, two wounded in nightclub shootout !!!!!

Medics work to save one of the shooting victims with CPR but unfortunately they were not successful. Three people were shot during the melee that erupted after the Emerald City Club let out about 2am. Witnesses describe a surrealistic scene with patrons running for their lives as gunmen fired a barrage of shots at one another.

One of the victims cars was riddled with bullet holes. A nearby resident said "It was like a war zone out here"

Three people were shot outside the 'Emerald City Club' on Saturday morning. Two men and a woman were shot, one fatally.

Police Chase, fatal crash !!!

Police officers in an unmarked pick-up truck spotted the Chrysler 200 which was carjacked yesterday. They followed it southbound on Alston to Riddle Rd. By this time they had called for reinforcements and a marked unit lit up the Chrysler as it turned onto Riddle eastbound. Then it sped away. Moments later as the chase reached high speed the driver lost control.

The driver lost control, ran off the road to the left and crashed into the back of a parked truck and was killed instantly

Two dead, several injured in Freeway accident !!!

Two people were killed and several others seriously injured in a rush hour accident on the Durham Freeway Wednesday night.

Runaway truck kills 5 year old boy !!!

A five year old boy was killed in his driveway Monday afternoon on Dogwood Bloom Ln. in Hillsborough when this construction truck rolled down the street, ran across the driveway and then struck the house. Workers were apparently loading the truck with soil when it started rolling. There was no one in the cab of the truck when the accident happened.

Slip sliding away !!!

Freezing rain early Saturday morning resulted in numerous wrecks throughout the area. This one happened after the drivers of two cars collided and spun out on the icy 1-85 bridge over GuessRd. One car burst into flames, fortunately the occupant escaped. Several major highways were closed in places, some for hours

Two alarm fire erupts at Pinnacle Ridge !!!

Firefighters arrived on scene at the Pinnacle Ridge Apartments to find heavy smoke and flames erupting from Building 20.

Firefighters work the scene at Pinnacle Ridge Apartments Friday morning.

Durham firefighters enter Bldg. 20 Pinnacle Ridge Apartments. No one was injured in the late morning fire which destroyed several apartments and damaged a number of others. The fire may have started on a balcony in back.

Shooting on Old Oxford kills one !!!

Deputies closed down Old Oxford Highway in the vicinity of Wolfpack Dr. Friday morning after a man with a rifle shot another person dead then took off through the woods. Minutes later deputies took the suspect into custody as he emerged from the wood line near Hamlin Rd. 

Deputies work the scene on Old Oxford highway where the murder took place

Midnight accident kills NCCU student !!!

Firefighters and medics work the scene around midnight Wednesday after a car struck a concrete bridge railing on 15-501 at the Cornwallis Rd. exit. Melvin Brewington, 23, the driver, survived the crash, but his passenger Brittany Plummer, 27, was killed. Police have stated that speed appeared to be a factor in the crash which closed the highway for hours. 

High speed chase ends on Holloway St. !!!

Police take Jordan Terrell into custody after a long chase throughout East Durham and Durham County. Terrell was charged with possession of cocaine and fleeing to elude officers.

Driver shot dead, careens into creek !!!

Durham police coordinate a homicide investigation after finding a car in a creek on Rowena Ave. with a gunshot victim inside.

Durham County Sheriffs deputies examine the interior of a car in a creek off Rowena Ave. in Durham. Police had responded to a 'shots fired' call in the area and found a man dead from gunshot wounds inside the car and had reports of another man, a passenger, who fled the scene and managed to escape. Police cordoned off the scene and began their investigation.

Man rescued after falling into sinkhole !!!

Redwood firefighters received a bizarre call early Sunday morning about a man who had apparently fallen into a large sinkhole on Redwood Rd. late Saturday night. Trapped, and suffering from hypothermia it took them about twenty minutes to extract the victim using a ladder and a 'Stokes' basket. The victim also suffered leg injuries, and bumps and bruises. He  was transported to Duke Hospital for treatment of his injuries.