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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Security Guard shot at 311 South La Salle !!!

A Security Guard at an Apartment complex at 311, South La Salle St. was shot in the head and critically injured Monday night while apparently answering a call for help in the complex. Police cordoned off a scene beside the tennis courts and rushed the victim to Duke where he was reportedly fighting for his life. The complex has been the scene of several homicides in the past ten years and armed robberies have also been a serious problem,

Officer Johnson was shot in the head while rendering assistance.

Canal St shooting leaves man critical !!!

Durham paramedics rush Durhams latest gunshot victim toward a waiting ambulance on Canal St where this young man was shot and critically wounded. This follows a notorious drive-by shooting on Hinson Dr. a few days ago that wounded eight people.

High speed chase ends in fiery crash !!!

Emergency personnel and law enforcement work the scene on North Roxboro Rd. at John Jones Rd. early Saturday morning after a suspect vehicle being chased by Sheriffs deputies crashed into a deputies cruiser and burst into flames. A suspect may have been trapped in the burning pick-up truck for a short time but was apparently rescued. The chase only lasted for a few minutes before the accident occurred, and is being investigated by the Highway patrol.

A Durham police officer looks for evidence where the chase ended at John Jones Rd.

Motorist drives into 'Little Caesars' !!!

Durham firefighters check out the damage to  'Little Caesars' Pizzeria on South Roxboro after a motorist drove into the building.

Wrong way driver in Jeep kills 3 on 1-85 !!!

Three people died in this head-on collision caused by a wrong way driver on 1-85 in Orange County early Sunday morning.

Statue to Confederate war dead vandalized !

A Durham City work crew use a pressure washer to clean up vandalism from the Confederate statue at the old courthouse on Main St. in Durham. The vandalism apparently occurred very early Tuesday morning and was the latest in a string of such incidents that have happened since nine black church members were gunned down in Charleston SC.

Two injured in early morning blaze !!!

Firefighters rescued two people from a burning house on N Roxboro Rd. early Friday morning. One victim was alert and talking to firefighters the other unresponsive. Rescuers performed CPR in a desperate attempt to resuscitate the critically injured person who was eventually transported to Duke Medical Center. Fire Dept. and Sheriffs Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire which broke out sometime before 4 am.

Firefighters and Sheriffs Dept. Investigators work the scene on N. Roxboro Rd.

Herald Sun newspaper carrier carjacked, shot to death !!!

The first Durham police officers to arrive at the American Red Cross cover the body of William Evans Jackson, 65, with a 'Scene Screen' after he was apparently carjacked and shot to death in the parking lot on University Place. His 2013  silver Chevy Impala was recovered hours later on Miller Rd in Durham County after at least two teens jumped and ran from the car after being pursued by a Sheriffs Deputy. One teen was captured immediately, another was captured an hour later on Stanly Rd. That teen, captured by Sgt. Minor, a DPD K9 Officer turned out to be Dominick Jackson, the slain mans sixteen year old grandson who has now been charged with murder.

Deadly Drive-by shooting on N. Duke Street shocks residents !!!

Durham police, the first on the scene, call for back up after a man was shot dead while sitting on his porch at the intersection of N. Duke St. and W. Markham Ave. It appears as though this was the latest in a string of drive-by shootings to plague the Bull City in the past few months. Police closed busy N. Duke for hours while conducting their investigation and detoured traffic. Some local residents were escorted to and from their homes.

Man shot while driving down Vickers Ave. near Police Hqs.

Lt Edwards of the Durham Police Dept. helps a young man who was shot as he was driving his car down Vickers Ave. in Durham. Witnesses said a car pulled alongside the victim as he was driving down Vickers and shot off several rounds, one of which struck the victim in the face. The suspects car then took off at a high rate of speed. The victim was transported to Duke Med Center in critical condition.

Orange Deputies capture break-in suspects !!

Orange County deputies captured this break-in suspect along Cole Mill Rd after an extensive manhunt. A deputy on routine patrol came upon several suspects breaking into a home on Pleasant Green Rd. At least two suspects were captured with the help of police K9s. There has been a rash of home break-ins recently in that area.

Apartment fire rekindles into two alarm blaze !!!

A single unit fire at the Seven Oaks Apartments on Rippling Stream Monday night rekindled into a two alarm blaze Tuesday morning that destroyed the entire building and left residents wondering if firefighters left the scene too early before the fire was completely extinguished. When firefighters left late Monday night after putting out the original fire, they were apparently convinced that the fire had not spread to the attic, but about an hour later early Tuesday they returned to find smoke and flames erupting through the roof of the building, and although they tried valiantly to extinguish the rekindled fire the entire building and it's contents were completely destroyed.

Durham firefighter D. Hayes attacks the blaze on Rippling Stream from close quarters.

Duke Divinity students help Geer St. fire victims !!

Duke Divinity Graduate Rikki Raye Rice, left, and Duke Divinity student, Maryanne Henderson, center,  help fire victims by giving them food and support early Monday morning after a fire left about two dozen people, mostly Hispanics, homeless. The blaze erupted about 7am and spread quickly through several units of the brick apartment building on Geer St. before firefighters were able to get the fire under control. Everyone escaped,  including several children, but at least one person suffered minor burns.

Durham firefighters work the scene at the apartment fire on Geer St. where about two dozen people were left homeless.

Suspected gunman surrenders after tense standoff !!!

A Durham police officer rests his AR15 assault rifle on the roof of his cruiser during a tense standoff early Wednesday morning after the suspect in a shooting took refuge in an apartment on Holloway St. Two victims were shot by the suspect, one was listed in critical condition, the other was said to be stable.  The alleged gunman eventually surrendered and was taken into custody without further bloodshed.

Durham firefighters tackle midnight blaze !!

Durham firefighters work a house fire on Dawkins St. just after midnight Thursday morning. The two occupants were fortunate to escape the blaze just before firefighters arrived on the scene to find the structure fully involved. The house was heavily damaged and the fire may have been as a result of carelessly discarded smoking materials.

Homeless couple struck and killed by Amtrak !!!

Durham police investigators and forensic technicians work the scene on the tracks near South La Salle St. after two homeless people were struck and killed by the Amtrak on Easter Sunday morning. The couple, identified as Derek Lowe, 38, and Tina Lowe, 33, were apparently living in a homeless camp in the woods behind the Kroger grocery store

First responders work the scene where a man and wife were killed when they were struck by the Amtrak on Sunday morning.

Durham firefighters tackle large blaze downtown !!!

The blaze on Parrish St. was the second fire to erupt at that location in less than a year. One firefighter was injured when falling debris from the ceiling struck him while he and fellow firefighters were fighting the blaze on the third floor.

Firefighters used aerial ladders to gain access to the blaze on Parrish St.

When Durham firefighters arrived on the scene they found flames shooting through the roof of 118, Parrish Street.

Standoff ends with surrender !!

Durham SET officers take Linwood Clay, 26,  into custody on Brye St. after he finally surrendered three hours into a lengthy armed standoff during which he threatened to kill himself. Clay, who was wanted for several felonies was tracked down by US Marshals.

Durham firefighters tackle large fire on Fayetteville St.

Firefighters work the blaze on Fayetteville St. at Massey Ave.

Durham snowstorm proves exciting for some residents !!!

The occupants of this car, which plunged off Dearborn Dr. into a creek, were very lucky to escape an icy grave early Thursday morning.

Two Durham police officers provided some community service by helping kids build a snowman on Southwood St.    

On Dixon Rd. near MLK a woman helps a Durham police officer push a collleague out of a tricky spot after his right rear chain came off.

A City crew make short work of a huge tree that fell across University Dr. at Summit St.

A good Samaritan helps an errant motorist on Chapel Hill Rd after he ran off the road and up an embankment on church property.

Rolling House Fire tests Durham firefighters !!

When Durham firefighters first arrived on the scene at East Main and South Maple they found one house fully involved with fire spreading to a house next door, and another being threatened on the other side.  They saved the house on the left with minor damage to the structure and saved the house on the right after evacuating the residents.

Firefighters helped evacuate residents from the occupied house to the right of the structure that was destroyed by the early morning blaze.

Durham firefighters work to extinguish the fire that had spread to the house next door which was also unoccupied.

Firefighters battle fire and ice at Pershing St. blaze !!!

Firefighters arrived on the scene on Pershing St.  to find the house fully involved with heavy smoke and flames in the rear.

Firefighters work to get the blaze under control after knocking down the flames.

A firefighter spreads sand to combat the ice on Pershing.

Durham drivers slide around the Bull City !!!

A police officer and the homeowner look at the damage caused by a driver who underestimated the danger of ice on East Woodcroft Parkway on Wednesday afternoon. The two occupants of the car were transported to hospital with none life threatening injuries after the driver lost control, slid across the road, knocked down a tree and ended up perched atop a fence.

Big Rig driver survives spectacular ice wreck !!!

The driver of this big rig somehow avoided serious injury after losing control on 1-40 and plunging down an embankment.

As much as 100 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from a ruptured saddlebag tank.

Craig Hicks denied bond in 1st court appearance!

What kind of background check did Craig Hicks have to undergo before authorities approved him for a concealed carry permit?

Durham police hunt for suspects who shot at officer !!

A police officer joins the hunt for two suspects who fired several shots at a an officer in an unmarked patrol car on South St

Sunday night blaze causes evacuation !!!

A Durham firefighter approaches the burning second floor apartment on Morehead Avenue on Sunday night. The fire caused the evacuation of the building but no one was injured and firefighters had the blaze under control in twenty minutes.

A man comforts his family after they escaped the fire on Morehead Avenue.

Morning blaze leaves woman homeless, poodle dead.

A Durham firefighter soaks down hotspots at a Marne Ave. apartment after a fire heavily damaged the residence. Occupants managed to escape the blaze late Friday morning but a poodle died in the inferno which firefighters had under control in fifteen minutes. Fire investigators are working to determine the cause.

Friends comfort a young woman whose poodle perished in the Friday morning fire

Major apartment fire leaves families homeless !!!

The fire began on the second floor in the rear of the apartment building and spread into the attic. Fortunately no one was injured in the late morning blaze and those victims displaced were assisted by the Red Cross with temporary housing.

Two victims left homeless by the blaze comfort one another on Palmer St.

       Durham firefighters work to contain the blaze late Thursday morning on Palmer St. where several families with kids were displaced.