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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Man shot dead in car !!!

A Durham police officer talks on the phone beside a bullet-riddled car containing Durhams latest murder victim. The driver was apparently driving on Carver St. near Meriwether Dr. when he was shot. The mortally wounded driver then drove about another half mile before crashing between Roxboro Rd. and Crabtree St. Police and rescuers arrived to find him dead.

Wrong way wreck on Freeway kills 1, hurts another !!!

After hitting the bridge the car traveled another hundred yards before coming to rest.

The wrong way car hit a Mangum St. bridge pillar ejecting two of the occupants.

Durhams 'Ferguson' protesters criss cross downtown !!!

Demonstrators protesting the inability of a Ferguson Mo. grand jury to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of teen Michael Brown closed down the Durham Freeway Tuesday night. About a hundred people blocked the busy highway completely for about a half hour while they walked slowly from Mangum St. to Duke St. Other stops on their  itinerary included the Durham County Jail and Durham Police Headquarters where they hurled abuse at officials.

Home Invasion robbers kill one and wound another in separate incidents ...........

Rescuers rush a 69 year old gunshot victim toward an ambulance on Lodge St. after he was wounded early Wednesday afternoon. Police are looking for two or three men who fled the scene. Police are saying that robbery was the motive. Late the night before a man was shot and killed on Rosewood St. in what police are describing as a home invasion homicide. Police are looking for two suspects in that case.

Major blaze leaves garage, grocery, destroyed !

Durham firefighters worked for hours to contain the blaze on Old Oxford Hwy. which destroyed several businesses and left several people without a workplace. Old Oxford was closed for hours and detours were difficult for local residents.

Man shot at NCCU homecoming party !

Durham police and NCCU police gather information from witnesses at the scene of the shooting, a homecoming party, at 2210 Fayetteville St.  NCCU locked down it's campus just after midnight after a man was shot at the party, and was rushed to Duke with serious injuries. Police spent hours looking for the gunman, on and off campus.

Two dead, one injured in 1-85 wreck !!!

Two people were killed and one injured in an accident on 1-85 southbound Sunday night at the Durham/Orange County line

Big Rig cab plunges off 1-85...driver rescued !

A trucker was seriously injured Friday morning in Orange County after clipping a bridge guardrail on 1-85 over US 70 west and plunging into the grassy median between the bridges. He appears to have been traveling northbound on 1-85 when the accident happened. The Highway Patrol is investigating. A portion of US 70 west below 1-85 was closed after debris from the bridge railing rained down on the highway. Northbound traffic was delayed for hours and traffic was snarled on US 70 below the scene.

Teen shot to death in latest 'Craigslist' robbery/murder !!!

When rescuers arrived on Pebblestone they found Jawad Ali Razai dying from gunshot wounds. According to police he came to Durham to buy a phone advertized on Craigslist but was robbed and shot to death instead. His father came with him and watched the incident unfold. Jarrion Hood, who apparently suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the leg during the incident was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

The father of Jawad Ali Razai watches as rescuers try to save his dying son.

First responders perform CPR on Jawad Ali Razai on Pebblestone Drive on Tuesday night. 

Bahama plane crash kills 1, injures another !!!

Firefighters and first responders formed a line and marched across a small section of woods and found the wreckage almost immediately. They rendered first aid to one of the injured but apparently found another victim dead in the wreckage. The actual scene was located close to a Boy Scout camp and about fifty yards from Archery Range Rd near Lake Michie.

Recent tragedy in Yosemite as aerial tanker crashes!

On Tuesday the 7th of Oct. an aerial tanker crashed at El Portal just inside the western entrance to Yosemite National Park. The pilot was killed when he crashed into a granite wall and the airplane disintegrated into small pieces which landed on the highway below. The park has been plagued by fires in recent years, exacerbated by the ongoing drought in California.

A large chopper works the fire just inside Yosemite National Park on Oct. 8th

Pedestrian struck by two cars.......

Durham firefighters work to extract a man from beneath a car on Old Oxford Hwy. after he was struck by two cars traveling in opposite directions on Tuesday night. The victim suffered massive injuries and was declared dead at the scene. Two women, occupants of the cars that struck the victim appeared visibly shaken after the accident which occurred on a stretch of the road which seems poorly lit. Durham police are investigating the accident.

Police officers erect a 'Scene Screen' around the victims body on Old Oxford.

Driver killed on US 70 in Sunday morning accident !

The driver of this car was killed after he apparently drifted right off US 70, took out a few mailboxes, and flipped several times before coming to rest beside the highway. The Highway Patrol is investigating the accident that happened about 7am Sunday morning and partially closed eastbound US 70 for a couple of hours.

School bus accident leaves kids injured !!!

At least three special needs kids and the driver of a pick-up truck were injured when the two vehicles collided on N Roxboro Rd. at Ellerbee St. on Friday morning. Rush hour traffic was snarled for an hour before the scene was cleared.

Firefighters battle house fire !

Durham firefighters work a blaze on Chapel Hill Rd. on Wednesday night. They were dispatched to the fire during a heavy thunderstorm with numerous lightning strikes. It's not clear whether that is what caused the fire. Firefighters had the situation under control within fifteen minutes.

Driver killed in 1-85 big rig wreck !!!

Durham firefighters work the scene on 1-85 after a big rig traveling northbound struck the NC 147 bridge abutment on Tuesday night. The driver was killed in the accident which slowed traffic for several hours before the interstate was reopened

Shooting, wreck, leaves one dead, one injured !

A Durham police investigator examines the scene on Horton Rd. after a shooting and subsequent accident left  the occupant of the SUV dead and the driver of the sedan injured. Police said that there may have been an exchange of gunfire at the intersection of Duke St. and Horton Rd. which then resulted in a collision bringing down a power pole and power lines. The incident occurred about 3am Saturday morning and caused traffic to be diverted for several hours while repairs were made and the homicide investigation was completed.

A Durham police crime scene investigator photographs the scene on Horton Rd.

Durham cops arrest kidnap suspect, free kids !!!

A Durham SET Team officer carries a child to safety during the arrest of a kidnapping suspect on Alston Ave. early Saturday

Durham SET take a kidnapping suspect into custody on S. Alston Ave. Saturday morning

Drug suspect fleeing traffic stop involved in double fatal !!!

Durham police and plainclothes DEA officers work the scene on Patterson Rd. after a drug suspect fled from a traffic stop on NC 98 and  crashed head-on into another car. Both drivers were apparently killed in the incident which happened about 6pm Friday evening. Debris and cash money littered the scene at the point of impact in the 1200 block of Patterson. 

Durham Police stopped this car on NC 98 at the request of DEA Agents...then it sped away

Torrential rainstorm causes flooding in Durham !!!

Employees of Nana's restaurant on University Dr. arrive on the scene to find the popular eatery underwater once again.

Some motorists came back to find their vehicles inundated after two to three inches fell in a couple of hours in the Bull City.

Police officer shoots man in the head.....

A Durham police officer and a forensics technician secure the scene and gather evidence after a suspect brandishing a shotgun was shot in the head by a police officer. The incident began with a disturbance call and ended with the suspect fighting for his life at Duke Medical Center.

Man crashes car into daycare !!!

Durham firefighters work the scene on Fayetteville Rd. after a man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a daycare. He suffered minor injuries and was transported to hospital to be checked out. Police estimate he was speeding as fast as 85 mph when he crashed. No one else was injured.

Blaze heavily damages Durham home !!

Durham firefighters work the blaze on Pickett Rd. that erupted about noon on Wednesday afternoon.

Violent storm lashes Durham !!!

A man checks out the damage to a neighbors house on Watts St. near W. Markham Ave.  after a thunderstorm swept through Durham on Wednesday afternoon, bringing down trees onto power lines and leaving thousands without power throughout the City. On radar the storm formed quickly in southern Durham County then swept across the city hammering several areas with violent wind gusts and torrential rain.

Durham firefighter Sean Boone surveys the damage on Shawnee St. after a large tree crushed a Dodge Intrepid and downed power lines. Torrential rains and violent wind gusts brought down trees throughout the City. No injuries were reported.

Strip Mall shooting leaves one wounded !!!

Shoppers at a Strip Mall on Avondale Dr. watch as rescuers bring a gunshot victim out of a barber shop after a hail of gunfire in the parking lot shattered windows and had them running for cover.  Police had to cordon off a large section of the parking lot as an extended crime scene.

Fiery crash kills one, injures another !!!

Police and firefighters responded to a fiery fatal accident that killed one person and critically injured another early Monday morning. A car taking the ramp to MLK from westbound 15-501 lost control, jumped the 'Jersey' barrier and landed on a ramp below before bursting into flames. Police blocked the ramp at both ends and began their investigation which is expected to take several hours.

Home invasion shootout leaves one dead, another wounded

Chapel Hill police cordon off the scene of a home invasion shooting on Christopher Rd. after securing the area around the residence which is located beside NC 54 and Raleigh Rd. At least one person died and another was wounded in the incident that happened just before noon on Friday.

Car crashes into house after shots fired on Holloway St. One dead !!!

Firefighters and EMTs tend two of the injured after gunshots apparently caused the driver of this car to veer off Holloway St. and crash into a house near Woodcrest St. killing the driver. It was unclear whether any of the other three occupants were struck by bullets, but all four were transported to local hospitals. Police cordoned off  a section of Holloway St. from Junction Rd. to Woodcrest St. and police are investigating the incident as a shooting, although they have not said whether another vehicle was involved,  although several witnesses reported hearing gunshots at the time of the crash.

Violent storm sweeps through Durham !!!!

Residents of a home on Hope Valley Rd. come outside to check out the damage after a violent storm swept through the area on Thursday evening leaving widespead damage but no injuries. Hundreds of trees fell, tearing down power lines damaging cars and homes. As much as three inches of rain fell during the storm which may have spawned a small tornado. 

Residents of University  Dr. come outside to examine the damage after the storm tore through the area late Thursday night.

Woman found murdered on trail near school...

Police cordon off the scene on Elmira after the body of a woman was discovered on Rocky Creek Trail.

Blaze destroys home on East Geer St. !!!

Redwood firefighters work a house fire on E. Geer St. early Monday morning as a medic looks on.

Motorcyclist killed in collision with truck in RTP !!!

Authorities begin their investigation after a motorcyclist was killed at the intersection of Davis Dr. and Park Dr. near 1-40 when he collided with a truck that was turning left onto the 1-40 eastbound entrance ramp.

Drug overdose leaves one dead, one critical !!!

Medics and firefighters attempt to save the life of a drug overdose victim at 2920, Chapel Hill Rd. The other victim died at the scene. Durham police are investigating the circumstances behind the incident.

Motorcyclist injured in high speed accident !!!

A Durham police officer works the scene of a motorcycle accident on N. Duke St. at Horton Rd. early Sunday morning.

Shoppers duck and run as shots fired at Northgate Mall !!!

Durham police and crime scene investigators swarm the Macy's parking lot at Northgate Mall which became a crime scene after a barrage of shots were fired during an altercation that sent shoppers ducking and scrambling for cover. No one was injured, but at least one SUV had its rear window blown out. Five suspects were detained, and at least three were charged.

Elderly man drives into the 'Bunny' Discount Bakery !

A police officer stands by as a wrecker driver removes a car from the wreckage of a discount bakery on E. Club Blvd. An 86 year old man accidentally drove his Buick into the side of the 'Bunny' Bakery while trying to park outside the building.

Man injured in fiery crash on East End Ave. !!!

The driver lost control of the vehicle on East End Ave. before it struck a tree, split in half and burst into flames. A man, perhaps the driver appears to have been ejected from the car into the woods where first responders found him after a search of the area, about twenty five yards away. He appeared to have been seriously injured but still alive.

Horrific head-on collision caused by wrong-way driver !!!!!

Durham firefighters begin triage after arriving on the scene of a grinding head-on collision caused by a wrong way driver on NC 147 at the US 15-501 interchange. Several people were ejected from the vehicles after the car in the background, traveling south in the northbound lanes struck the Jeep on the right. One person was killed, and three others were injured, two critically. Police are trying to determine how the driver of the car could have ended up driving onto the Durham freeway in the wrong direction.

In the  aftermath of a horrific wrong way head-on collision on NC 147 north,  Durham firefighters pause to take in the scene.