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As a photojournalist my principal interests are spot news, fires, etc. I also like to see the humor in everyday situations. In my 42 years as a photojournalist I have seen a lot of people die. First, during the Salvadoran Civil War, and since then, on some of the 'mean streets' of my adopted hometown......still, a great little town all the same!

Two men struck in Freeway hit & run !!!

Durham firefighters tend two pedestrians who were struck and critically injured on NC 147 at the Briggs Ave. bridge. The GMC SUV that struck the men fled the scene but was tracked down by police a short time later in a parking lot on Bedford St. where police questioned four young men who were still in the vehicle which had front end damage. No charges have been filed yet. The victims were transported to Duke Hospital.

Man shot to death walking home from work !!!

Sheriffs deputies and investigators erect a 'Scene Screen' around Durhams latest homicide victim, Eric Ray, 33, who was  shot to death early Thursday night on Angier Ave. near Glover Rd. quite close to where two men were found shot to death several months ago in a house nearby.

Fire destroys home on Manford Dr.

Durham firefighters work the house fire on Manford Dr.  on Monday afternoon. Heavy damage apparent.

Hillsborough GOP Hq. firebombed !!!!!

Dallas Woodhouse, right, Executive Director of the NC GOP talks to Daniel Ashley, Chairman of the Orange County GOP after the two surveyed damage to their headquarters in Hillsborough after someone apparently threw a Molotov cocktail through the window overnight.  The ATF and the Hillsborough Police Dept. are investigating the incident.

Damage inside the office was extensive......even the plastic cover on a display table melted from the heat

Man shot dead on East Main St. !!!

Durham police officers search for clues near the body of the cities latest homicide victim who was gunned down in broad daylight in front of several witnesses on East Main St. near downtown.

Durham officers guard the homicide scene on East Main St.

One person killed in Orange Crash !!!

NC State Troopers investigate a fatal accident on 1-85 southbound near the Lawrence Rd. bridge. At least one other person was injured.

Infant girl dies in hot car !!!

A Durham police investigator examines a van in which three year old Leslie Ramirez was found unresponsive on Monday evening. After realizing that the child was trapped in the vehicle neighbors said a window was broken to get the child out, and CPR was  administered, but the child could not be revived and was declared dead at the scene. Durham police cordoned off the area and began a death investigation.

Durham cabbie shot to death !!!

Durham police use evidence markers for shell casings at the scene of Durhams latest homicide where a cab driver was shot to death at the La Quinta Inn on West Park Dr.

Durham cops find carjacked kids in minutes !!!

After a frantic search Durham police found the missing Acura in the 400 block of Green St. with the kids still strapped safely inside. The carjacked kids were taken from the parents when the SUV was stolen on Avondale Dr near the old K Mart on Foushee St. Officers were confronted initially with a frantic mom who spoke little or no English. But after learning that a cell phone was in the vehicle cops called the 'carrier' who was able to track the phone to Green St. Police converged on the scene and found the SUV almost immediately. A K9 was brought in quickly and followed a track briefly but the suspects escaped. When reunited with their kids the mom kept repeating 'thank you. thank you, thank you'

Durham officers had teddy bears to give to the kids minutes after they found the SUV

Durham police were able to reunite the desperate parents with their kids within a half hour of the carjacking.

Tragic accident kills two horses, injures motorist !!!

Authorities work the scene on N. Roxboro Rd. near Bacon Rd. where a driver struck two horses loose in the roadway. Both horses died in the incident which also injured the driver of the car who was transported to hospital.

Shooting suspect surrenders after standoff !!!

A Durham police officer covers the front of an apartment building on Granby after a shooting and standoff that lasted a couple of hours before the suspect, David Lee Jackson, 31 surrendered to police. Jackson allegedly shot his girlfriend earlier in the evening then barricaded himself inside an apartment.

Torrential rain floods East Durham !!!

Residents of Eagle Pointe apartments off Pilot St. were trapped in their homes after floodwaters suddenly inundated their complex, flooding ground floor apartments and residents vehicles. They said they have been flooded out before but were amazed by how fast the water came up and destroyed their possessions.

Several vehicles were caught up in floodwaters along Liberty St. near Miami Blvd. A common enough sight in East Durham.

Wellons Village shopping center in East Durham was inundated. Several businesses suffered heavy damage from the floodwaters.

Storm topples many trees in the Bull City !!!

On Duke St. near Club Blvd. the storm toppled this tree onto a house causing heavy damage. It was just one of many trees that fell in Durham.

A huge tree fell onto a small 'U Haul' truck on Fayetteville Rd near Hillside High. The driver was trapped for almost a half hour before being rescued by Durham firefighters.

A huge tree destroyed a house and a car in the 1200 block of Berkeley St

Drowning at Little River Reservoir !!!

Rescuers search beneath the bridge for a man. missing, presumed drowned after an incident Sunday morning at the Little River Reservoir off Orange Factory Rd. in Durham County. Witnesses said that two men went into the water when a boat capsized, one victim was rescued almost immediately by a Good Samaritan, the other went under and never came up again. 

Homicide, the 3rd in a week in the Bull City !!!

Durham police work the scene of the latest homicide at 119, East Cornwallis Rd. Another young man shot dead in a barrage of gunfire. Police are looking for the occupants of a vehicle that fled the scene moments after the shooting.

Woman shot in home invasion !!!

Durham Sheriffs deputies responded to a home invasion with shots fired late Thursday morning

A woman was shot during the home invasion.......a 911 call stated that several shots were fired  inside the house at 2116 Ellis Rd.

Huge Fire burns Old Mill in Hillsborough !!!

The massive fire at the Old Mill in Hillsborough began late Friday afternoon and burned well into the evening before it was under control    

Within minutes the Old Mill in Hillsborough was engulfed in smoke and flames. Firefighters from Durham and Chapel Hill were also dispatched to the fire which could be seen from as far away as Durham.

Shoot-out at McDougald Terrace leaves one man dead !!!

A Durham police officer guards the scene while other officers and family members try to calm a relative of the victim.  A shoot-out in a parking lot at Dayton St. and Wabash St. left one man dead from a gunshot wound to the head and the suspect on the run.

Meth Lab busted in north west Durham !!!

SBI agents in Haz-mat suits step outside to take a fresh air break after handling toxic chemicals inside a suburban meth lab busted early Thursday morning on League Way off Berini Dr. in north west Durham. Neighbors said they had suspicions about the couple that lived in the house on League Way. There had been strange activity reported and peculiar odors occasionally emanating from the home in the old, upscale neighborhood off Cole Mill Rd. Police believe the couple may have been operating the lab for as long as two years.

One of the two people detained in the bust sits in the street after her arrest Thursday

Car chase ends in crash, 'jump & run' at Duke !!!

Police converge on Research Dr. on Duke campus after a car being chased by Durham police crashed in front of Duke North and several armed men 'jumped and ran' from the vehicle. Police captured two suspects almost immediately, but are still searching for two others. Police chased the suspect vehicle from the scene of a shooting on Dearborn Dr. at Keystone Pl., the same place where three people, including a thirteen year old girl were shot two days ago. This time nobody was actually shot
but a vehicle and an apartment were damaged.

Hit & Run on 1-85 leaves driver critical !!!

Durham firefighters work to extricate the driver of this Isuzu Trooper after the small SUV flipped and hit the Jersey barrier on 1-85 north at the Guess Rd. exit. Police are looking for another vehicle that may have struck the SUV or caused the accident. The driver was extricated after about ten minutes and rushed to Duke hospital with life threatening injuries.Police have now charged Anne Catherine McNerney of Durham with hit and run.

Former ECU basketball player found slain in Durham !!!

Durham police and forensics work the scene on East Piedmont Ave. where, Chris Turner, 27, a former basketball player for ECU was found slain early Thursday morning. Turner was found lying beside an SUV, dead from gunshot wounds.

Carjack/shooting on Buxton !!!

Medics tend a young man who was carjacked and shot Wednesday afternoon on Buxton St. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the hip and was rushed to Duke Medical Center. He was the third carjacking victim in as many days in the Bull City. It appears as though gang members are using this method to appropriate vehicles to use in other armed robberies and drive-by shootings, which have reached epidemic proportions in the last few months.

Fatal Drive-by........1st. Place, Spot News, NCPPA 2015.

Hearing shots outside the 'Handy Foods Store', the manager, left, and a customer step outside to find Brian Moore, 24, mortally wounded, dying from a gunshot wound.

Woman driver escapes just before train hits her car !!

Firefighters examine a car destroyed by the Amtrak 'Carolinian' after the driver got caught between the railroad arms at Grant St. and Pettigrew St. and escaped the vehicle just in time. Nobody on the train was injured but the passengers were delayed for about an hour before it was able to continue its journey.

Wind brings down massive tree onto car !!!

When firefighters arrived on scene they were faced with a complicated extrication. The male victim was easy to rescue but the female victim was trapped under the main body of the massive tree and had been critically injured. Bystanders had removed a few limbs with a chainsaw which helped clear a path to the vehicle. So with the help of a circular saw rescuers were able to free the remaining victim relatively quickly. Even so it was not until the entire tree had been removed that firefighters knew for certain that there were no additional casualties.

Onlookers were amazed at the size of the tree that fell on the car

Durham firefighters had both victims extricated within about ten minutes after the tree fell on their car in the 300 block of Trinity

Bloody Monday in Durham !!!!!

Monday the 4th of April was  a bloody day even by Durhams violent standards. There were at least three shootings in the Bull City, starting out at about 4am when a 22 year old man was shot and critically wounded. He was shot in the head and chest in what appeared to be an ambush style shooting and left to die outside an apartment at the Beech Lake community. In the late afternoon another man was shot in a drive-by on Lodge St. in the exact spot where two people were shot in a car,  'Execution style' two weeks ago. About the same time, police recovered an 'Uzi' sub-machine gun that appeared to have been thrown from a vehicle on Linwood Ave. next to the Lincoln Community Health Center. Later in the evening, two people were shot, including a woman after the SUV they were riding in was sprayed with gunfire on Holloway St. Then as if that were not enough, came news that a man shot in the head last week on Grace Ln. had died from his injuries.

Rollover wreck injures two on 1-85 !!

Firefighters and medics tend the injured after this SUV rolled over and injured the occupants who were transported to a local hospital. The accident happened on 1-85 southbound at Avondale Dr. and blocked the Interstate for about half an hour

Fortunately this little guy was not injured in the rollover on 1-85 at Avondale.

Errant driver is a one man wrecking crew !!!

A police officer and the owner of the house survey the damage caused by a driver who lost control of his car, careened off N. Duke St. and crashed into three vehicles in his front yard, propelling one of them into the side of his home. No one inside the house was injured but the driver of the errant car, (center) was transported to the hospital, along with three small children who were in the car with him. Police suspected DWI in the accident and said that the children were improperly restrained.

Three small children in the suspect car had to be transported for minor injuries

The suspect, in background with the neck brace destroyed his own car, center, and two others. He also damaged a pick-up truck when he tried to push it through the intersection of N. Duke St. and W. Club Blvd

Durham police help save life of stabbing victim !!!

 Durham police officers apply pressure to stab wounds on the upper chest and throat of a stabbing victim to help prevent blood loss before medics arrive on the scene. Police responded to reports of a stabbing in the 2000 block of Chapel Hill Rd. When they arrived on scene the victim ran from officers and had to be chased and tackled before they could help him. Police are looking for three to four suspects seen running from the scene behind the Dollar General store where the incident took place. Several minutes later medics arrived and stabilized the victim. He was alive when they placed him into the ambulance  

LGBT supporters demonstrate in Chapel Hill !!!

While blocking Franklin St. at Columbia for about two hours LGBT supporters dared Chapel Hill police to arrest them but officers exercised considerable restraint by simply re-routing traffic around the demonstrators and allowing them considerable latitude to voice their anger against Republican legislators who have passed legislation designed to prevent Transgender people from using public restrooms in North Carolina. 

The LBGT community has been incensed by the passage of HB2 in the Republican dominated legislature.

About five hundred LBGT protesters blocked Chapel Hills main intersection for about two hours on Tuesday night.

Plane crash-lands on 1-540 !!!

FAA Officials examine a small plane whose pilot crash-landed his aircraft beside 1-540 at the Leesville road exit during rush-hour traffic on Tuesday morning. Motorists no doubt did a double-take. The pilot walked away unhurt.